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Britax B-Mobile 4 2011 Review

There’s a lot I love about the B-Mobile, but there are two downsides in that it’s wide for a stroller at 62cm and the hood is too small. It feels good quality in both the fabrics and chassis though.

The seat can lie flat, upright or any position in between, but needs two hands to lift the seat back up. I find the recline a bit stiff but it is easing with use. There are three shoulder height positions for the harness, which would suit a small baby up to a large toddler. The seat seems a reasonably good size, but there is no proper footrest. The hood isn’t long enough in my opinion, but does have a good viewing window. The basket is a really good size and is accessible from the back, sides and front.

The carseat mounts are simple to fit and the pushchair feels sturdy with the carseat attached. You can also attach the Britax Baby-Safe Sleeper or the hard carrycot, or alteratively a Maxi-Cosi or Cybex carseat using the BabyStyle Oyster Maxi-Cosi adapters, but this hasn’t been tested for safety.

The B-Mobile is easy to push one handed, turns easily and has a very comfortable handlebar. I was surprised at how well it went over bumpy ground even though the wheels are small and quite hard. The fold is neat and very compact. It’s a shame it’s not narrower with a bigger hood because it’s a lovely stroller with carseat options.

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