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Bugaboo Gecko Review

I have only used the Gecko in pushchair mode, so can’t comment on it in pram mode.

This is an amazingly easy pushchair to push and goes over very rough ground surprisingly easily, even pushing one handed. The steering is also very easy. It can feel a bit difficult on a steep camber with the seat fully reclined though. 

The seat is a reasonable size and can be reclined into three different positions, one of which is upright and one that is fully reclined. The recline is quite awkward though-you need to squeeze two pads together underneath the seat unit, while pushing the seat into the position you want it. The harness is fixed at one shoulder height, which I found far too high with an older baby. I used the footmuff and pulled the harness through the lower of the two slits, which brings the harness low enough to sit over my daughter’s shoulders rather than next to the top of her head.

The raincover is a little bit fiddly to attach, but not too bad. It has a black, wipeable section at the foot the foot and a small window to allow you to pass things to your child. The basket is pretty big and is strong enough to hold heavy items like bottles of milk.

The handle is fixed, but is about average height I think. The seat unit sits fairly low though, so may feel too low if you’re tall. 

The fold is in two pieces and is really very complicated to both open and close. It took me about 3 or 4 weeks to get the hang of it, but I can do it fairly quickly now. I still haven’t managed to teach my Mum to fold or unfold it though! 

I love this pushchair for its pushability and steering, but the fold and recline can be a pain.

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