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Chicco LiteWay Review

I was impressed with this stroller. I’m not a stroller fan by any means, but wanted something narrow to use on public transport. In my opinion, this is much more attractive than the average umbrella fold pushchair.

The seat has loads of recline positions including lie flat and very upright, and the recline is easy to do. The seat is fairly long, but doesn’t seem particularly wide. The harness is fixed at one shoulder height, but it’s a reasonably average height. I would use a liner or the footmuff for a very small baby so that the harness isn’t too high next to their head. The footmuff is quite long and fairly warm. The hood isn’t very big, but can be unzipped to swivel forwards towards the sun on bright days. 

The wheels are big for a stroller and I was surprised at how well it coped with bumpy ground. It feels very light to push, turns easily and can be easily folded with one hand and foot. This is a perfect pushchair for public transport use.

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