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Jané Powertwin Review

This is by far the easiest to push double pushchair I’ve used. The suspension is really good and it goes offroad very easily. However, this isn’t a pushchair for tall children by any means. The seat backs are fairly short, the front seat base is extremely short and the front child may be able to reach the wheel if they have long legs.

The harnesses are awkward to adjust, the seats are a bit too close together and the front seat doesn’t have a very good recline at all. I wouldn’t put a child in the front seat who isn’t comfortable sleeping fairly upright. The rear seat doesn’t recline fully, but I would happily use a cocoon to use it for a newborn baby. The seats are very thickly padded and the hoods are big with a viewing strip across the back so you can see what your children are doing. There is a hand brake for the front wheel as well as an easy foot brake for the back wheels. The handlebar can swivel into lot of positions, so would suit both tall and short parents. The basket is big and fairly easy to access. It can hold the raincover with plenty of room to spare. The raincover fits well and has a window at the front to pass things to the front children, and one either side to pass things to the rear child.

The Powertwin folds fairly easily and is very small, especially with the back wheels removed. I found that there was loads of room left with this in the boot of a Peugeot 207. 

It’s unfortunate that this pushchair is only suited to short children because it’s so lovely to push and steer and also folds down so small. If your children are short and the oldest is at least about 15 months, then I would highly recommend the Powertwin.

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