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Kolcraft Contours

Here is a photoset of the Kolcraft Contours showing off most of the configurations. The Contours can take two car seats, so a car seat can go in either position. Only one car seat adaptor is included in the box. The Kolcraft Contours does at times take a bit of juggling of hoods to get the seats in the desired position eg back to back, but its one of the few pushchairs where a baby can be fully reclined facing you, with the toddler facing out.

The seat unit says it is suitable from birth, but the Contours is a US imported pushchair and does not meet British Safety standards. I would not suggest that a baby under the age of 6 months is placed in the Contours seat units as they are very deep and buckety. However a car seat could be used for short periods until the baby reaches six months old.

Although the Kolcraft Contours is long, it is much easier to see where the end of the pushchair is than the Baby Jogger City Select because you are able to see the front wheels when you look down the side of the stroller.

The basket is huge, but as the photos show, the fixings don’t look particularly strong and the instructions say it only holds 5kgs. It would be very tempting to overload the basket though simply because it is huge.

The Kolcraft Contours can fold with one seat on (in either position) and freestands when folded.


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