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Kolcraft Contours Options Tandem

I bought the Contours because I wanted the ability to have both children facing either way. I loved that aspect of it, but it only lasted a few months because it is so heavy and huge.

The seats are easy to turn around, recline easily, are fairly spacious and have good sized hoods. The basket is humongous and can carry a lot of weight, but access can be awkward when the seats are reclined, especially the rear seat. It is comfortable to push and I loved the parent console. It pushes and steers well on level ground and goes over gravel well, but it feels extremely heavy going up or down slopes. It is also seriously heavy and is huge folded, so is very difficult to carry. The fold is fairly straightforward with either, but only one, seat on and the pushchair can freestand when folded. The other seat can then slot between the handle and seat unit so it only takes up a small space in the house.

It’s unfortunate that the Contours doesn’t have a proper newborn option. The seats are bucket style, which wouldn’t be suitable from birth in the UK. It can take one or two carseats, so that would be the necessary way to transport small babies. I tried a Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix on it, but it didn’t fit very well.

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