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Quinny Zapp Review

I have used both a new and second hand Zapp, but not often. The new one is a real pain to fold and unfold because the chassis is stiff, the old chassis was much easier. It’s still an unnatural way to unfold a pushchair though. It also doesn’t lock into position when folded so tends to open up when being carried.

I find the harness too high at the shoulders for my daughter still at 15 months, but she is short for her age (approx. 9th centile). The seat back is very upright and despite sitting very early, my daughter found it difficult to sit in until at least 12 months. That may be due to her height and the akward harness on her.

The Zapp is good for fulfilling the purpose of being tiny folded with a decent sized seat, but I haven’t got on with it well at all. It is light to push, but tips easily, gets stuck in dips and has no suspension at all.

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