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Baby Jogger City Elite Double Review

Having previously owned the Baby Jogger City Select the Baby Jogger City Elite felt extremely light to push not only because it is a side by side but also because of the air filled tyres. The seats were definitely spacious enough for my two at 21 months and 9 months but they didn’t like the bucket type seats as they seamed to be slouched quite far back even in the upright position. As with the previously mentioned BJCS the hoods on this pram were brilliant for blocking out sunshine but also rain if I got caught in a shower so I didnt have to stop and put raincover on until I found somewhere sheltered nearby.

I found the baskets on the back of the seats extremely useful along with the pockets on the parent console type bags by the handle bars.

The adjustable handle made it suitable for many different heights and I found it easy on rough terrain and up and down curbs. My main problem was the width as I dont drive and use buses quite often, although the pram did fit onto buses it filled up both pram spaces and made it difficult for people to get passed which was a real problem for me, I also found the width a problem in shops. It was fine in large department stores or supermarkets but in smaller shops it was impossible to look around without leaving the pram at ends of aisles or by the door which I didnt feel comfortable doing.

My husband found it very heavy and difficult to get up into the car boot and I couldnt even move it from room to room whilst folded due to the size and weight.

For outdoor use and walking it is a brilliant pram, we found although it was wide it did fit through most peoples front doors and shop doors. The pram is great to push and tilt up curbs but for me the size just didnt match my lifestyle.

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