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Baby Jogger City Mini Review

The Baby Jogger City Mini is my 7th pushchair and is up with the best of them. I was dubious about access to the basket underneath at first but I have managed to get loads and loads under – much more than a standard stroller. Whilst not advised, my heavy handbag went over the handle and the pushchair felt solid. The net bag at the back was great for drinks and muslins. The City Mini is easy enough to push with one finger and was a dream to push around. The huge canopy is fab when my baby fell asleep. I loved the one handed lowering of the back rest. At home we use a Bugaboo cocoon inside (the baby is 7 months) but I forgot it today and my son was fine. I managed to change both my children discreetly in the pushchair which is something I haven’t managed in any other pushchair. Best of all (and again not recommended) when my two year old got tired and very grumpy and was threatening a tantrum, I slid my baby up to the top of the flat seat and she happily perched on the front with her feet on the step and disaster was averted for the few minutes it took to get us back to the car!! The pushchair folds really flat – it fits under my convertible roof which few pushchairs do. The biggest and best feature is the fold. The one handed fold is genius. Anyone needing to fold a pushchair (eg to get on a bus) will know how hard it is to juggle a baby and doing this. But its simple to put the baby in one hand and pull the pushchair shut with the other and then keep walking with it!! However my only niggle is I really wanted a 2011 version, which this isn’t, and I wish I had waited. But the improvements (a stiffer back and 90 degree seat sit up) wasn’t worth the extra money when this is at such a good price. Buy it – you won’t regret it!!

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