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Baby Jogger City Select Review

I bought this pram for my two daughters 12 months apart. I got while pregnant and used it as a single, I was really impressed with it being easy to push, huge basket and the large seat with impressive hood seemed really comfortable for my daughter.

I bought it in a package including chassis, second seat, carrycot kit and two raincovers.

When I started using it as a double I loved it, it did feel heavier but that was to be expected as I set it up with the seat over the front two wheels and the carrycot at the top by the handle bars. The carrycot was quite fiddly to set up but with quite a lot of tugging the material is stretched around and poppered onto the frame of the second seat. I loves the fact that I could have the newborn in a proper carry cot and 1 year old daughter was still able to sit in a full size seat with plenty of legroom.

For a while although heavy I found it manageable and when my youngest daughter moved into the seat it was a brilliant pushchair, it was great being able to have my baby facing me at the front so I could watch her and be sure she was ok and have my 1 year old up high facing out to see the world and also be able to chat to her little sister. I also loved the versatility being able to swap and change from single to double, rear to forward facing so easily and as a single I really liked the height of the seat my daughter loved being up high able to see everything around her and also to reach out for things!

By the time my eldest daughter got to around 20 months my youngest had almost caught up with her in size and it became too heavy for me. It was great around shopping centres etc but I don’t drive and there are a lot of uneven paths around, I struggled to get it up curbs and to keep it going in a straight line. The last straw for me was when I pushed it in the wind and at one point found I physically couldn’t move the front of the pram!

All in all I would definitely reccommend it for a small toddler and a newborn, I would even be tempted to purchase it again if I had a similar age gap however once they start to get bigger it is simply too long and heavy to push. It would be great for drivers to keep in the car and use for shopping centres or supermarkets. Another issue I had with it was width as it made it feel very big with the back wheels sticking out so far. The hoods and size of the seat are absolutely brilliant and the adjustable handle made it great for both me (5″2) and other friends and family including my brother in law who is  6″7.


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