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Bebecar One&Two ‘Carrycot’ Environment Conversion

The Bebecar One&Two seat units cleverly convert into carrycot type environments for a newborn.

They are really simple to convert.

First of remove the footrest fabric from the support.

Inside are two toggles which need undoing to release a flap of fabric and some velcro tabs.

Undo the sides of the seat unit by the bumper bar – the fabric sticks using the velcro in between the two side panels of fabric.

Next take the bumper bar and thread it through pocket in the fabric and plug the bumper bar back in.

This gives the foot area shape and keeps the baby’s feet snug.

Finally, take the Bebecar foot cover and attach it to the poppers at the sides of the hoods and pull it around the foot area.

Lie the seat flat.

This makes a very snug environment for a newborn in the Bebecar One&Two.

With many thanks to all at Bebecar, and Nick at Practical Media Services, for giving us the opportunity to review the One&Two.

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