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Bebecar One&Two – Tandem Mode

Here are our first photos of the beautiful Bebecar One&Two tandem pushchair.

The Bebecar One&Two has a gorgeous chrome chassis and luxurious seat units. The One&Two can easily be either a tandem or a single pushchair simply by popping off the convertor bar.

The seats are roomy and very padded to give a child a comfortable ride. The suspension is adjustable too, to give a softer ride for newborns or to make it firmer for toddlers.

The Bebecar One&Two seats cleverly convert into a carrycot type environment by enclosing the foot end of the seat and adding on a cover. I like that a newborn will still be harnessed in too.

The seat units can: Both forward face, both reverse face, face each other, or sit back to back. The seats lie completely flat in all configurations except back to back, when only one seat can lie flat and the other can semi recline. Therefore the Bebecar One&Two is very suitable for newborn twins.

The Bebecar One&Two comes with two seat units, but can also take a combination of a carrycot and car seats. The last photos on here show the combinations that are approved.

The basket is a generous size, is easy to access from most sides and between the children’s legs in certain seating positions. It is beautifully lined.

The handlebar both rotates and extends to give an enormous range of 75.5cms to 115.5cms approx. The handle really does not need extending but it gives clearance when the rear seat is facing forwards for your hands to easily push.

The seats need removing to fold, but the chassis then folds easily. The convertor bar can be left on and sits neatly inside the chassis. However it is very simple to remove, even with the chassis folded, to be able to use the pushchair in single mode. The seats cleverly and easily fold down to take up less space. Simply undo a bar at the rear of the seat, push and lock again.

With many thanks to all at Bebecar, and Nick at Practical Media Services, for giving us the opportunity to review the One&Two.

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