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Bebecar One&Two with Children

This photoset shows the children in the Bebecar One&Two.

The girl is 3.4 years old and on the 91st centile for height at 102cms. The boy is on the 50th centile for height at 81cms and weighs 11.5kgs.

Both children looked comfortable in the padded seat units of the Bebecar One&Two.

We liked the easy adjust harnesses, but would have preferred a choice of height settings for the children.

Whilst the boy slept very comfortably, the girl could not recline comfortably. Admittedly she is at the maximum age to use a pushchair, but many toddlers still nap at her age.

We loved the seating configurations. We loved seeing the boy sleeping flat at the rear, but also loved it when the children were interacting face to face. Both children were at a good height and could see out.

With many thanks to Nick and all at Bebecar for giving us the opportunity to review the One&Two.

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