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Hauck Duett Review

I have recently purchased the Hauck Duett for my 12 and 24 month old daughters. Having previously owned the BJCS and BJCE, I was initially worried about quality moving from quite a high end brand to the Hauck but I have been pleasantly surprised.

It was easy enough to set up and the fold is simple with a little practice (although i can only master it with one seat on and the other removed). I was also very surprised at the leg room for the bottom seat which my older daughter calls her den, she can climb in and out herself and has lots of space, she also likes holding onto the bar going across in front of her which I initially thought may have been a problem. The seat is also a generous size and even with the small hood up my daughter has plenty of growing room. I find it best to put a changing bag under the seat where she cant get to it with her feet and there is plenty of room under there, I also found if the hood is up on the bottom seat I can hang a changing bag on the handle and it *just* rests on the hood which is fine  (it is one with popper straps that clip around each side of the handle bar).

The top seat is also roomy enough for each of my children  (although older daughter refuses to go in there now as she wants to go in her den underneath!) and I was extremely impressed by the hood, I have the foot rest raised slightly and the hood comes down so far it almost touches it, great in rain or sunshine and also useful to keep the wind from a childs face, I also find it useful when my younger daughter is sleeping as it shuts out a lot of light and noise when we are out and about and I find she will sleep a lot longer with the hood completely extended as she is nicely tucked away.

The bumper bar is another feature I like as my daughter loves to hold onto it and it is also handy for clipping toys and books onto.

As a single I find it a bit heavy and also when my older daughter is out walking and I need to hold her hand it isn’t as smooth to push one handed as I had hoped. Another issue I have with it is that one of the front wheels keeps sticking when I try to turn corners and stays facing forwards even though the wheels are set to swivel which makes the pram hard to push at times (I had a similar problem with a single Hauck that has the same wheel design) although I am not sure if this is a problem with my particular pram or an issue with the design.

Other plus points about the pram are the width – it is narrower than a few of the singles I have had and it makes it a a lot easier to use public transport, the length is also surprisingly good, it is shorter  and narrower than my friends three wheeled single pram. The frame is quite light to lift in and out of my husbands car and although it is a tandem and will therefore be heavier to lift up curbs etc it is still manageable and as with the BJCS the top seat is nice and high up allowing the child to see out a lot better and it makes it easier to talk to them and hand them things if needed.

The pram didn’t come with a raincover but I purchased a tandem raincover from Mothercare which works brilliantly, it also comes far enough down at the sides to protect the child in the lower seat and even has a flap at the handle which can go over the changing bag if it is hung on the handle above the bottom seats hood.

Another point to make is that I am only 5″2 tall and although I cant see over the top of the hood down to the front wheels I really haven’t found this a problem especially as the pram isn’t too long anyway so I feel aware of where the front is when pushing it.

So far I am really enjoying using the pram and it is working the best for us so far, my two daughters are now the same size despite the year between them so this review could be applied to the use by 18month old twins for example (my younger daughter is big and my older daughter is small!). I was very impressed with the price of the pram as I was able to afford it new for the same price a lot of other doubles are selling second hand.

Also I have read a few bad reviews of the pram ‘collapsing’ with children in it, it is a very important note that the lowest handle setting is ONLY for folding, if you use the pram with the handle at its lowest then were to squeeze the button the pram would start to fold but as long as you are aware of this there shouldn’t be a problem, the handle doesn’t go into the position unless put there so I really wouldn’t deem it dangerous with correct use.

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