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iCandy Peach v’s iCandy Cherry

This photoset shows the iCandy Peach and iCandy Cherry next to each other.

The Cherry is the entry level pushchair in the iCandy range with the Peach being at the luxury end of the range. This is reflected in the price with the Peach stroller being almost double the price of the Cherry. So these photos are really just to show the two pushchairs side by side.


Although there is really no comparison between these two pushchairs the main differences are:

The Cherry has a fixed handlebar, the Peach has a 3 position extending handlebar.

The Peach can be turned into a tandem pushchair with the addition of the Blossom kit. The Cherry is just a single pushchair.

The Peach currently has a zip in liner included. The new Peach 2 will have an optional liner but it too will zip in. The Cherry does not come with a liner, but one can be bought for the pushchair. This does not zip in.

Both seats will parent or outward face.

Both seats have a 3 position recline and a 3 position footrest.

The Cherry has a button on either side of the seat to rotate and remove the seat. The Peach has two buttons – one for each function on either side of the pushchair.

Both pushchairs need the seats removing to fold. The Peach chassis is a more simple fold, but the Cherry chassis can be folded one handed.

Both pushchair chassis’ will freestand when folded. The Peach fold is smaller.

The Peach has a flick on and off brake pedal. The Cherry has a wire bar which flicks on and off.

The Peach is heavier than the Cherry.


For more detailed information and photos on both these iCandy pushchairs please see the individual pushchair pages under the “Single Pushchairs” section.


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