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Joolz Day First Impressions Review by ALK

I’ve often looked at the Joolz Day but hadn’t bit the bullet and bought one, but I’m very glad I have done now. The things that attracted me to it were the high reversible seat, the big rear air tyres, the adjustable handlebar and the fact that it folds in one piece.

When it arrived, it had been folded in two pieces and I was worried I’d mixed up pushchairs and it actually didn’t fold in one piece. Thankfully, I messed arounnd wth the fold and it actually folds in one piece and also freestands with the seat facing either way. If the seat is forward facing, it must be in the most upright position to fold. If facing rearwards, it must be in the most reclined position. It seems fairly bulky folded in one piece, but I like that it can be done and left to stand in my hallway. The rear wheels can be removed to make the fold narrower without affecting it standing on its own. The rear facing fold is a strange shape and fairly tall. I think it would be better to fold in two pieces if you need to fit this into a small car. The folding mechansim isn’t as easy as I would like; it requires the handle to put into the shortest setting, then you need to press two buttons and push it a bit further, but I find that I need to lean against the handle to push it in far enough before it then releases the chassis to be folded. The rest is very simple.

The chassis and fabrics feel really lovely quality. The fabrics are quite thick and seem strong. They can be zipped off the seat frame for washing. The chassis is fairly chunky and, together with the high seat, this makes the Joolz feel quite big. However, I compared it to my B-Mobile and the footprint is actually quite similar, but the Joolz is a tad narrower, which I’m very pleased about.

The seat is very high and the handle extends out surprisingly far. I can imagine this being a very good options for parents of very differing heights and for any parent over six feet tall. The seat seems tall as well, but I have yet to put my child in it to make a comparison. Unfortunately, the straps only have one shoulder height setting, whch is surprising considering the thought that has been put into the production of the Joolz Day on the whole.

The only other downside I have found so far is that the basket isn’t very big at all. It opens out in a way that looks like bags could be stood up inside it though. I plan on buying the Joolz XL bag to attach to back of the pushchair to carry shopping in, so hopefully this will make up for the lack of basket space.

I really can’t wait to use my new pushchair and I expect this will be my pushchair of choice for most occasions.

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