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Baby Jogger City Mini GT at Harrogate Nursery Fair

Here are some photos of the fantastic Baby Jogger City Mini GT. There are also some photos of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT next to the Baby Jogger City Mini, and some with our tall 3.5 year old in the seat. She is 102cms tall (age 4-5 clothing).

Our first impressions of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT are good. It’s very similar to the City Mini, but its clear that the seat is larger and deeper. However its a bit of a shame that the front edge of the hood is so low given the seat is taller. But its easy enough to remove the hood should you wish, but once the hood is up, there is plenty of head room for a taller child.

We love the adjustable handlebar although this does make the Baby Jogger City Mini feel a little back heavy – but not as much as the Elite does. Strangely once our daughter sat in the seat we didn’t notice this at all. We have heard a report of heavy items being put in the back of the reclined seat unit and the GT didn’t tip. So its not a big issue. But look at how much higher the handlebar can now go!! It will be great for a taller parent.

We liked the handbrake but its been put on at a very odd angle! The City Select and Elite handbrakes are in line with the chassis. The GT handbrake is angled a bit. There must be a reason for this!!

The peekaboo windows are velcro which is a shame because a few magnets really do make a difference!

The access to the basket is much improved! It should make it much easier to push bags into what has always been a large basket.

I was very surprised how small the GT wheels actually are – which for me is a bonus!

I think anyone who loves the Baby Jogger City Mini or the Elite will love the GT. Its a really good compromise between the two. However I really hope Baby Jogger consider adding the Elite parent console onto the GT. I love that feature on the Elite – especially on the double.

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