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Baby Jogger City Versa at Harrogate Nursery Fair

Here are the photos of the prototype of the Baby Jogger City Versa. This is a sample model and so there will be some minor changes eg possibly to the brake and mouldings. But these photos should give a good impression of what the Baby Jogger City Versa will be like. Please note that this Versa has the EVA wheels which the Versa is going to be sold with as standard.

The girl is 3.5 years old and is 102cms tall. Due to the Versa being a prototype we were warned that we should take the photos quickly, so the harness was not done up to save time. She was sat right back in the seat and as you can see she looks extremely comfortable in the seat unit. Her feet rested comfortably on the footrest, or as you can see in one photo, she was able to rest them on the front plate as well.

The Versa was very easy to use. The seat is similar in many ways to the Baby Jogger City Select in the way that it removes, reclines and the general shape. However the seat folds in half to fold. This is done very easily by squeezing two buttons together at the top of the rear of the seat. The seat then folds forwards. Then you need to reach underneath and pull the handle to complete the fold. There is an autolock which can be removed if you wish (I know we are used to the City Mini opening where the pushchair is easy to flick open.

The Baby Jogger City Versa can be folded with the seat on in either direction which gives a flat fold either way. Or the seat can be removed making it a two part fold should you wish.

There is a huge basket, huge hood, extending footrest, handbrake, adjustable rotating handlebar, large mesh pocket and lockable swivel wheels.

We, at Best Buggy have been campaigning for Kooltrade (the UK Baby Jogger distributors) to bring the Baby Jogger City Versa to the UK with GT wheels after being given a set of photos at the end of last year with the Baby Jogger City Versa with GT wheels on. As a result, Kooltrade are now looking into bringing over the Versa with GT wheels. We think GT wheels will add the off road capabilities to make the Baby Jogger City Versa as nearly perfect a pushchair as we have seen to date. We obviously will not know until we receive our Versa and test it thoroughly but our first impressions were excellent and we can’t wait to see the Versa in the UK with both types of wheels. Please note that the wheels are not interchangeable – you will be able to buy either the standard Versa or the Versa GT but you can not then swap the wheels. The tooling will be different.

Our Versa seat measurements have been added to the ‘Pushchair Specification’ page.

Many Thanks to all at Kooltrade for allowing us to take all these photos and to put our young tester in the seat – she appreciated the sweeties! Also thanks Kooltrade for listening to our request for GT wheels!

Apologies for the dots on some of these photos.


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