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Bumbleride Indie & Indie Twin at Harrogate Nursery Fair

Here is the beautiful looking Bumbleride Indie Twin, and one photo of the single Bumbleride Indie. We have already reviewed the single Bumbleride Indie so wanted to get a first look at the Indie Twin.

As we expected the Bumbleride Indie Twin looks very smart, very tidy, with good quality fabrics and finish.

The Bumbleride Indie Twin can take one or two carrycots, and one or two car seats side by side – the rep told me that the car seats would be at the same height and not staggered but I have to say, I suspect that they are staggered like the pictures that are on the Best Buggy Pushchair Specification page. The Bumbleride Indie Twin will apparently still fit through a standard doorway even with two side by side car seats on! The single Indie shows the car seat adaptor which is apparently similar on the double. The Indie Twin is going to be a fantastic twin side by side option that should easily take a twins or siblings from birth to 3 or even older.

We love all the bright colours :)

Unfortunately due to an over excited little person at the end of a long day, my stop at Bumbleride was brief, but I hope to speak to the team soon to find out the details of prices, due date in the UK etc. I know these pushchairs still needed to be safety tested to meet British Standards.

Just as an aside, on the rear of the single Indie there was a really fantastic parent console. It was larger than your average handlebar console – I dont know about anyone else but my parent consoles are always bursting! It had two pockets at the rear for drinks and had lovely leather buckles on the front opening and to fix the console to a handlebar. It was easy to remove and had a strap so that it could be easily thrown over your shoulder should you need to leave a pushchair anywhere. Very smart! There was also still room to push the pushchair which is a problem I currently have with my Bugaboo console! Apparently its not in production yet, but I hope to be first in the queue for one when they are produced because it looked great!

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