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iCandy Cherry v’s Babystyle Oyster

This is a photoset of the iCandy Cherry side by side with the Babystyle Oyster.

For detailed information and reviews please see the pages for the individual pushchairs under the “Single Pushchairs” section.

These two pushchairs are similar prices. The iCandy Cherry is the entry level pushchair of the iCandy range and this needs to be borne in mind to put these two pushchairs in context. The Babystyle Oyster overall has more features for your money eg button recline, folds with seat on, customisable liner & hoods, hidden insect net etc. But the Cherry has everything you could need from a pushchair.

Both are easy to push and are highly manoeuverable. The Cherry is a 2 part fold; the Oyster folds in one part with the seat on in both directions. Both have large hoods, large baskets, good sized seats. The Oyster seat lies a child down fairly flat whereas the Cherry seat is a bucket seat – both are suitable from 6 months. Both pushchairs take a carry cot and a car seat.

Please note that the Oyster does come with a bumper bar, but its been too problematic to leave on for the number of photos, folding etc that we do.

Although the Oyster seat unit folds with the chassis, it is still a 2 step open ie chassis open and then sit the seat upright and a 2 step close. The Cherry requires the seat unit to be removed before the chassis can be folded.

The children are aged 3.4 years old (102cms tall) and 19 months (81cms tall).

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