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iCandy Strawberry & iCandy Peach Jogger at Harrogate Nursery Fair

This is one of two sets of photos of the iCandy Strawberry and some photos of the iCandy Peach Jogger that we took at the Harrogate Nursery Fair. The other set of photos has the children in the Strawberry seat.

The iCandy Strawberry has been described as small, however the seat unit is a very similar size to the iCandy Peach seat. However the Strawberry seat liner does appear to fill up the seat at first glance and it does give the impression that the seat is small. We took some photos of the iCandy Strawberry next to the iCandy Peach Jogger. However the Peach Jogger does not have the seat liner in and its clear to see the difference that removing the liner would make. We have tried to show this the best that we were able to. Two points to note are that the Peach Jogger sits up higher on the chassis – so when the two pushchairs are side by side, the Peach Jogger hood is higher, and so is the footrest. The footrest and hood height of the Strawberry sit lower on the chassis. Also the Peach Jogger seat has a straight frame. The seat frame of the Strawberry curves.

We remeasured the Strawberry seat with a member of the iCandy team to ensure that the measurements were accurate, and they are similar to the Peach and Peach Jogger.

The hood is pushed right up the chassis in these photos, but just like the Peach, the hood unzips at the rear, or removes to give more room for growth. The last photo shows where the hood can slide up the frame.

The iCandy Strawberry can also fold with the seat on both parent and outward facing. The iCandy Strawberry has a memory fold. So that no matter what position the seat unit is left in ie recline / upright, the Strawberry ‘remembers’ where the seat was last placed for when you reopen the pushchair. This is especially useful with a 6-12 month old who may prefer being semi reclined as it saves you having to set the pushchair up for each use. The seat unit can also be removed easily for storage should you prefer.

The iCandy Peach Jogger has exactly the same size seat as the regular 4 wheel Peach. However the Peach Jogger is a 3 wheel off road pushchair. The pushchair folds in 2 pieces and the front wheel tucks in very nicely. The chassis of the Peach Jogger is a matt finish whereas the regular Peach Stroller has a shiny chrome chassis. The liners of both Peach pushchairs are interchangeable. The carrycot and seat units are also interchangeable, however the difference in chassis do make mixing the two ie Peach stroller seat on the Peach Jogger chassis, look a little odd.

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