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Quinny Moodd

These two photos were taken at the Harrogate Nursery Fair 2012.

We only had a very brief look at the Quinny Moodd.

Our first impressions are that the Quinny Moodd has a small seat unit. However we know from other pushchairs, that first impressions are not always what they seem. We really need to put some children in the seat unit. The seat unit itself looked very comfortable and supportive for the child. We really do not know much about the Moodd, but it appears that Dorel have taken the best elements of the Mura ie the beautifully padded seat unit and crotch / holding bar, and put them onto a more luxurious Buzz chassis but with a much easier fold. The fold is definitely better and is easier to do from behind the pushchair, than the Buzz one. To be honest, we loved the Maxi-Cosi Mura seat, but the two part fold really was not practical for us to store at home. So in many ways the Quinny Moodd really appeals because it has the comfortable seat unit, but yet the seat folds on the chassis.

The Moodd appears to be quite wide at the rear. I don’t have the measurements to hand though, so these are first impressions.

The leg length appears to be good, but I am not keen on the gap between the seat and the footrest for older babies. I know when I put my 20 month old in the Buzz that I wish his ankles were supported.

The Quinny Moodd hood we felt was poor really for what is essentially a premium price product. It reminded us of the Maxi-Cosi Noa hood, or even the fabric of the Maxi-Cosi Cabriofix car seat hood. But apparently its quite a special hood with SPF protection built in. The advantage of a thin hood is that it stores flush with the seat which is great for older toddlers who may not need a hood, or who want to look around.

As I have said, we only had a brief look at the Quinny Moodd, and these are first impressions. We look forward to finding out more about this pushchair.


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