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Quinny Yezz at Harrogate Nursery Show

Here are a few photos of the amazing Quinny Yezz.

I will admit to being sceptical of the Yezz before I saw it in person. It looked flimsy and as if the seat was small, but believe me both of those are a long way from the truth!! The Yezz was a sturdy little pushchair with a huge seat! The children in the Yezz seats are aged 3.5 years old (102cms tall) and 20 months (81cms tall). Both looked extremely comfortable. The Yezz harness was simple to alter for our son – done in seconds – so could easily be used to switch between children of different ages. There are a choice of two places where a child could put their feet as the photos show.

The Yezz itself was easy peasy to put up and to fold. We put a copy of the Quinny catalogue (22cms long) next to it to give some kind of scale to the folded size. The Yezz has a strap so that it can be carried across your shoulder. This ease of use, plus the large seat unit, makes the Yezz especially useful for an older toddler on a day trip eg Legoland where you are on and off rides but may not want to leave the pushchair behind, or equally would be very useful on London public transport.

The skate wheels made the Yezz easy peasy to push across the smooth floor of the show stand – to be honest it slid itself across the floor! The manoeuverability was outstanding. However we do wonder how well this would translate to pavements or rougher ground.

We also were a little unsure of the handle position because its fairly straight up. The nearest I can liken it to is the Baby Jogger City Mini where your hands are on top – but with the Yezz you almost feel like you are pressing down instead of forwards. But it seems to work!

There is no recline on the Yezz but the sides of the pushchair I suspect would offer support to a sleeping child. It is suitable from 6 months old.

We were suitably impressed and would love to try one out when we get the opportunity.

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