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Ten Single Pushchairs with Reversible Seats with Children

These are the photos of both children in each of the pushchairs in our set of ten single pushchairs, all with reversible seats.

From left to right:

The Bugaboo Bee Plus; the Mamas and Papas Urbo; the Babystyle Oyster; the iCandy Peach; the Mamas and Papas Sola; the iCandy Cherry; the MyChild Pinto; the I’Coo Pii, the Quinny Buzz; the Silver Cross Surf.

The boy is aged 19 months and is 11.5kgs and 81cms high (50th centile)

The girl is aged 3.4 years and is 17kgs and 102cms high (91st centile)

We appreciate that the girl is really too big for pushchairs now, but she does still ride in pushchairs on occasions. We felt that by having two different aged children in the seat units we felt would give a good snapshot of how a pushchair will last. It is interesting to see the difference between how the two children sit in the same pushchair.

As you will see the girl fitted under all the hoods. If she looks large in a pushchair, her age and tall height for her age, needs to be borne in mind, as the average 2.5 / 3 year old would be much smaller.

All seat units, hoods, and footrests were on the maximum settings, and all seats were fully upright. Please bear in mind that some of these pushchairs have liners which can be removed to give more space. Some of these hoods could be moved higher up the frame (but we set them at the most sensible maximum height!), and some hoods can be removed for a tall child. PLEASE do go and look at the pages for the individual pushchairs to see if there are any further adjustments that could be made and for seat measurements etc.

Please note, it was an absolutely freezing cold day, the children were complete stars, as was Mr BB, but we did not have time to adjust every pushchair harness to suit each child. The children were sat well back in each seat unit. We hope you will appreciate this and that these photos are for illustration only, and different children may sit differently.


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