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First Wheels City Twin

The First Wheels City Twin double pushchair is a smart looking pushchair which can take one or two seat units (as pictured); one or two carrycots; one or two car seats; or a combination of these three options.

The seat units can be moved independently and can both face forwards or face the parent, which gives lots of options. There are very few double pushchairs where the seat units can parent face, or where one child can face in one direction, and the other in the opposite direction.

There are two baskets under the First Wheels City Twin which are good sized and strong.

There is a fully adjustable foam covered handlebar.

The First Wheels City Twin has two small 5″ lockable / swivel wheels at the front, and large 12″ air tyres at the rear. The rear wheels are quick release.

The brake pedal is large – there is no way you can miss it!!

The First Wheels City Twin is very easy to put up, and also easy to fold by using the slider on the centre bar of the pushchair and then pulling the sliders up on each side. The First Wheels City Twin does not fold with the seats on – well it does, but as you can see from the photo, the fold is then very long!! There is a useful storage lock on the side. Although the fold is large, the seat units do nest neatly to go into a car.

The width of the First Wheels City Twin is larger than an old standard doorway at 78cms wide. I know this has caused some issues for a mum locally who has to leave her First Wheels City Twin outside many of our local shops. It would be absolutely fine for a shopping mall or supermarket environment. However the width of any side by side pushchair is something that really needs to be considered. I know a lot of parents like the First Wheels City Twin because of the seating options, but a pushchair needs to be practical too. I think its important to look critically at how you plan to use your pushchair before buying.

I have to be utterly honest here on Best Buggy and I have to say the First Wheels City Twin is really not the best quality pushchair. The foam on the handlebars feels cheap. The seat units feel cheap too with basic fabrics, and mine are badly finished with threads hanging off. It is the only pushchair that I have seen for many years that has a crotch strap loop for the side harness to be threaded through instead 5 points meeting at the buckle. There is only one height setting for the harness which worries me about how well a child – especially a 6 month old would fit in the seats. The harness was too small for our 3.5 year old, but she is at the limits of pushchair use.  The bumper bars have gaps at the bottom. The chassis feels a little rickety – its quite spindly for a double pushchair. However there is a 2 year warranty on the First Wheels City Twin and Kooltrade who are the UK distributors for First Wheels have a superb reputation for customer service.

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