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Baby Jogger City Mini 4 v’s Baby Jogger City Mini GT v’s Baby Jogger City Elite Singles

This photoset shows the Baby Jogger City Mini 4, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT, and the Baby Jogger City Elite single pushchairs side by side.

Please note that although a 4 wheel City Mini is used in these photos, the dimensions and weight of the 3 wheel version City Mini is exactly the same. The only difference is that there is one double wheel at the front instead of two single wheels.

Although the first photo may appear to be of the Baby Jogger City Mini (BJCM) chassis, underneath it are the two chassis of the Baby Jogger City Mini GT (BJCMGT) in the middle, and the Baby Jogger City Elite (BJCE) at the bottom. We want to show through these photographs that the main chassis and fabrics of these three Baby Jogger pushchairs are very similar in size. The stacked photos show how similar they are. The main differences are with the handle – which is fixed on the BJCM and adjustable on the GT and Elite; and with the larger footrest of the Elite which adds a little to the depth when folded.

The main difference in size with these pushchairs is provided by the different sized wheels which also makes a difference to the weight. The measurements are detailed at the bottom of this post.

Other differences are in the level of padding in the seat units. The City Elite for example has much more padded seats than the GT, but the GT has more padded seats than the City Mini. The GT and Elite have a squareish adjustable handlebar and also a handbrake whereas the BJCM has a fixed rounded handlebar and a flick on and off footbrake. The Elite has 3 peekaboo windows which are held down by magnets, the City Mini and City Mini GT both have 2 peekaboo windows which are held down using velcro tabs. The City Elite has a lift up kicker board which gives a younger child, or sleeping child leg support – the other two pushchairs have no calf support. The City Elite also has a parent console. All have net pockets at the rear of the seat. There are subtle changes to the basket access but these are due to these being Baby Joggers from different year batches rather than fundamental differences in the models ie the City Mini 4 is a 2011 model, and the City Mini GT is a 2012 model and so has the new 2012 curved basket access with elasticated basket sides to make things easier. The City Mini GT also has an autolock but again this is a 2012 change rather than being unique to the BJGT. There are also minor differences to the chassis colours, embroidery, logo labelling etc.

I think the clearest indicator of the differences in the seat units are illustrated by having the two children in the seats. The girl is 3.7 years old and 102cms tall. The boy is 21 months old and 81cms tall. The girl is tall for her age, the boy is average for his age. Please note that we did not have time to alter all these harnesses to exactly fit each child, as we would for every day use, but we tried to get as near as we could.

One of the noticeable differences with the children in the seats is the height of the front rim of the hoods. The BJCMGT hood front rim is lower than the other two pushchairs and this was borne out when we measured the hood. The BJCMGT hood is half an inch lower than the BJCM and 2 inches lower than the Elite hood. What is odd about this, is that the BJCMGT boasts a really tall seat back of 54cms compared to the BJCM seat height of 49.5cms, and the Elite seat back of 51cms. The seat is also slightly deeper on the BJCMGT with a slightly deeper footrest, which seems to invite an older child into the seat unit. So why is the BJCMGT hood rim so low? It is actually uncomfortably low as can be seen in our photos, as the girl is having to lean back on the rim of the hood. I have to confess we did play around with swapping the hoods but it is not possible to fit either of the other two hoods onto the BJCMGT simply because of the high seat back – there is no free frame to attach the hood to, plus the BJCMGT seat recline cover fabric is attached to the pushchair, whereas on the BJCM and the Elite the recline cover is attached to the hood. So sadly there is no easily solution to the low hood. We really hope Baby Jogger have a look at this issue because it really is spoiling the use of what should be a pushchair with a large seat for an older toddler.

We have taken all 3 pushchairs out on test runs with both children in the seats. I have to be honest and say that I haven’t found an awful lot of difference between these three pushchairs with our 21 month old on board. Yes, the handle height does make a difference – it is lovely to be able to adjust the height, but if anything the Elite feels a little back heavy with our 21 month old in. The City Mini GT probably has the edge with him on board because it feels more grounded and stable, even though it is a 3 wheel pushchair, rather than a 4 wheel one. However it is a different story with our heavier 3.7 year old. She is easy enough to push around in the BJCM, but as we moved onto the BJCMGT and then the City Elite, the handling and weight noticeably became better. She felt lighter to push in the BJCMGT and then even lighter in the Elite. There was no sign of the Elite being back heavy with her on board. All 3 pushchairs were easy to get up a kerb. The Elite was easy to drive straight off kerbs with, and it was the only one of the 3 that we could drive straight into our house over the lintel without stopping.

At the end of the test runs I have to say we probably felt more confused than ever!!

We love the Baby Jogger City Mini for its compact size when folded both in the house and in the car. But the Baby Jogger wheels are really no problem to pop on and off if necessary, and as I have proved, all of the chassis’ are near enough the same size when folded. So would we be better with the Baby Jogger City Mini GT? To be honest, although I am a huge fan of the 4 wheels for stability, the GT felt very safe and grounded. We didn’t feel it was tippy like we have felt the BJCM3 was (hence us getting the BJCM4) but we have not tried the GT with a car seat or carrycot on which to be honest is when we most felt the BJCM3 was tippy. The GT however is really let down by the low front of the hood. The Elite meanwhile proved that for carrying a larger child’s weight, it takes the strain easily. The seating position is great for an older child. We love the raised kicker board for a younger child especially when they are sleeping.

To be honest, all these Baby Jogger pushchairs are fantastic – excellent in fact. For the typical child and typical family the BJCM is a fabulous lightweight pushchair, but for that bit extra luxury, comfort and off road ability then BJCMGT would do everything you would typically want to do. Few 3 and a half year olds are in a pushchair, but if they are, then the Elite or Summit XC would really be worth considering. Equally if you want to do some serious off roading or  jogging, then the Elite and Summit XC pushchairs would be worth finding out more about.

Here at Best Buggy we love these 3 Baby Jogger pushchairs because they work so well, are really practical and yet neat to store. They have the fabulous one handed folds, huge hoods, reliable brakes, good sized baskets, large seats and are robust and good quality. We would highly recommend all three of these pushchairs. We can’t wait now to see the Versa and Versa GT!


The City Mini 3/4 weighs 7.6kgs, the City Mini GT weighs 9.5kgs and the City Elite weighs 11.9kgs.

The City Mini 3/4 has 8″ EVA wheels, the City Mini GT has 8.5″ PU wheels and the City Elite has 12″ PU wheels.

Folded with wheels the City Mini 3/4 is 78.5 x 61 x 25 cms, the City Mini GT is 80 x 62 x 25 cms and the City Elite is 85 x 67.5 x 35.5 cms.

Folded without wheels the City Mini 3/4 is 74.5 x 51 x 16.5 cms, the City Mini GT is 71 x 51 x 17 cms and the City Elite is 70 x 51 x 32 cms.

Assembled the City Mini 3/4 is 100.5 x 61 x 105.5 cms, the City Mini GT is 112 x 62 x 76-110.5 cms and the City Elite is 119.5 x 67.5 x 84-117 cms.

With many thanks to Katie at Kooltrade for her help with these photos.

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