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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review by JBH

I have the Baby Jogger City Mini GT single. I’m finding I’m using the BJCMGT lots more than I’d originally anticipated. I already own several pushchairs including a Mountain Buggy Swift, so I had bought the BJCMGT as a “buggy” to use for public transport or quick convenience shopping trips in the car or holiday…but I’ve found since owning it I’ve been going out and about on the bus more often (something I wasn’t doing that much) and taking it for all day weekend outings too!

Today I used the GT for the school run…I wasn’t sure if it’d rain but the hood on the BJCMGT is so good that I knew that I needn’t bother with the raincover. It was neat to park out the way not taking up too much room in the hairdressers and the cafe. The BJCMGT wasn’t in the way although I knew if I needed to fold it I could easily and quickly tuck it away. We did some grocery shopping after and had lots of room in the basket beneath for that and my son’s coat.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is really easy to steer and push the seat The GT is very roomy so is great for our nearly 4y old. It can be pushed one handed while you hold your childs hand.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a really good hybrid between all terrain and compact city pram. Whilst it won’t handle deep boggy mud and extremes of off roading it’ll do everything in between and folded its easy to pack away or stick in the car. The quality is superb. It looks very sporty and smart (we have the bamboo colour which adds a subtle splash of colour. Just enough without being too much!).

I have had a Baby Jogger City Mini before but think the GT version is worth every penny of the higher price tag. The basket is easier to access. There’s a lovely shiny graphite paint job to the frame that looks rather fab. The handbrake instead of foot brake is way nicer to use and more convenient. The wheels and front wheel suspension make a really big difference to ease of pushing and manoeuvrability. It feels a smoother easier push, softer due to the forever tyres.

However it is wider than the Mountain Buggy Swift so not as good down some shop aisles, and I am finding people don’t leave enough room for the GT wheels at the rear in crowded places because the BJCMGT looks narrow from the front. The Swift wheels are flush to the frame so this issue doesn’t occur.
The Swift harness holds its passenger captive whereas the BJCMGT harness can be undone by the three year old!

We think the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is ideally suited to urban areas where the ground is level. It really shines when used for public transport, in crowded areas and even long days out in theme parks.  We have found issues with stability when using on sloped areas (pathways with a steep camber – so you are pushing along the side of a slope rather than up or down the slope).  Also if you are over 5’6″ tall or have a long stride you find when the seat is fully reclined your knees knock the top of the reclined seat as you walk.  I have found when walking quickly (longer stride) I occasionally kick the back axel. I am 5’7″ tall.

Given that I occasionally kick the back axel of this pushchair and had some issues with my knees catching the fully reclined seat top when striding out, I am concerned this buggy may not be compatible with using a buggy board or Glider Board as I’m convinced there is not enough room to comfortably push the buggy if you did. That said I have not actually tried the gt with a glider board. These are just my thoughts on the matter

However my child always looks very comfortable in the BJCMGT and I feel the above points are relatively small niggles to me as this is my “lightweight buggy” for occasional use and shopping rather than my long walk everyday buggy.  The City Mini GT is well built enough for everyday use of course, but my lifestyle is such that I need a large all terrain pushchair for daily use.  This City Mini GT is the buggy I reach for if using the bus or to quickly pop in the car for a trip to the shops or a day at a theme park.

To summarise, the Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a brilliant multi purpose buggy and good enough for everyday use…unless you live on a muddy farm and are crossing ploughed fields!!! (in which case look at the BJ summit!).

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