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Cosatto Duet Lite Review by WL

The Cosatto Duet Lite is great for a newborn, who is housed in a totally lie-flat rear seat and a toddler, in the front seat. It has two hood covers that are of acceptable size and offers a nice touch with the viewing panels, so that both children can interact. The seats are generously sized and there’s plenty of room in either seat for my toddler who is a tall 2 year old. I would expect him to still fit in either seat in a couple of year’s time too. The front seat doesn’t have any recline but the rear seat reclines completely. The basket is good and easily accessible.

The buggy is an umbrella type fold, which is easy to do and works with only one movement but you do need to use both hands. Although it is narrow when folded, it is very long and not easy to get into a car boot.

I was so impressed by the statistics of this buggy, that I ignored the fact that it might be difficult to push and made the purchase. This was my biggest mistake! Even with a newborn in the rear and my 18 month old up front, it was very difficult to push. Once my baby was old enough he sat in the front and the toddler sat in the back (which he loved), this did help with the manoeuvrability ever so slightly but not enough for it to be manageable. It is a nightmare to push, even on the flat it is hard to turn in any direction, at any angle. For this reason, I couldn’t recommend this pushchair to anyone.

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