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Bugaboo Bee Plus v’s Babystyle Oyster

This photoset shows the Bugaboo Bee Plus side by side with the Babystyle Oyster.

The Bugaboo Bee and Babstyle Oyster are quite rare because both pushchairs have reversible seats so that the child can face in either direction, but unusually they both can fold neatly with the seat facing in either direction too. The majority of pushchairs with reversible seats either require the seat removing to fold or will only fold neatly with the seat facing in one direction. As a parent, there is something lovely about opening a pushchair with the seat facing in the direction that you left it and not having to turn it around.

Both pushchairs are narrow and highly manoeuverable. Both have good storage baskets, extending handles and a button recline.

However, there is a considerable price difference between these two pushchairs. Nevertheless, the Oyster can hold its own against the Bee for style, features etc.

The Bee seat is suitable from birth using the Bee Cocoon. The Oyster seat is not suitable from birth and a carrycot is required.

Both the Bee and Oyster can take a car seat to make a travel system.

Both pushchairs can be customised with choices of coloured hoods, liners, footmuffs etc.

The Oyster has a lift up calf rest which is useful for a baby. The Oyster seat is more upright when forward facing than parent facing. The Bugaboo Bee seat has a very upright position.

The Oyster hood has a zip out panel and sun visor. The Bee hood is a large size but not quite as big.

The Bugaboo Bee seat extends (see the first two photos) which means that the seat can be tailored to suit the age of the child.

There is a difference in feel to these pushchairs. The Oyster does feel more chunky and sturdy. The Bee feels light and has slimmer wheels.

The folded photos show the pushchairs folded with the seats parent facing.

The boy is aged 19 months and is 11.5kgs and 81cms high (50th centile)

The girl is aged 3.4 years and is 17kgs and 102cms high (91st centile)

For more detailed information on both of these pushchairs, and the photos of the pushchairs folded forward facing, please see the individual entries under the “Single Pushchairs” section.



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