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Joolz Day Review by ALK

I have now owned my Joolz Day for approximately 4 months and I really do love it, but it still has some issues as with any pushchair. My daughter is now 21 months with an average length back but short legs and is only 78cm tall.

The Joolz Day is amazingly light to push, it’s easy to keep straight on a camber, goes over rough ground and cobbles easily and is light to lift up and go down kerbs. I love having my daughter so high up and I find it really helps me in communicating with her while walking. The seat is huge and I like that the footrest can extend to suit the height of your child. One of my issues is that the harness is fixed at one height-I wish they would have made it with different height settings to suit different sized children. Also, the Joolz sleeping bag has only one set of slits but they’re in a different position from the slits in the seat unit which I find strange. The slits in the sleeping bag are a bit low for my daughter.

The Joolz Day handlebar extends between 100cm and 110cm so would suit most heights of adult. The basket doesn’t look particularly big but I find that I can fit a lot into it. It suprises me that Joolz didn’t make it a bit wider and longer and I would have appreciated being able to access it from either side. I also have the Joolz XL bag which is huge and is great for supermarket shopping or simply filling with lots of coats, shopping, etc. But it makes it difficult to sit the seat unit up when parent facing, especially with either or both of the handlebar and footrest extended.

The seat fabrics and basket can be removed easily for machine washing but the hood has the metal rim attached so can only be zipped off and hand washed. The Joolz Day hood isn’t big enough for my liking, but I have the sunshade with built in UV shade which has a zipped in fold out section that means you can add two more options for hood coverage to the normal hood. When fully extended, the sunshade covers the child really well so is great for a sleeping child when it’s bright outside or simply to cut the eyeline between you and your child while they’re trying to get to sleep.

The Joolz Day can fold in one piece with the seat in either direction, but is an awkward shape when parent facing. It also freestands when folded, with or without the rear wheels, which I find useful for storage. Having any contents inside either the basket or XL bag stops the chassis from folding as compactly as possible. The Joolz Day is a very similar size folded outward facing as the Bugaboo Cameleon. There is no lock to hold the folded chassis together and I often find that the front wheel section starts to open as I lift the pushchair into the boot of a car.

Overall, I love the push of the Joolz Day and the lovely quality of the chassis and fabrics. With a few tweaks, I think it would be my perfect pushchair, the only significant downside being that it could be a bit more compact folded to get into a small car while still leaving space for shopping.

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