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Babystyle Oyster Review by VW

I used the BabyStyle Oyster with my 2 1/2y daughter (50th centile so distinctly average in height/weight). I found the hood to be a little low on it’s proper position but the hood can slide up and down on a runner so I was able to extend the height which gave her some extra head room. The seat was very comfortable for her with the liner in and she really looked forward to riding in the BabyStyle Oyster.

I used the Babystyle Oyster parent facing only as that is our preference, but it was very easy to push parent facing even with the seat reclined when my daughter went to sleep – the recline is easy to use, smooth and quiet too which is a bonus as some reclines can be jerky or noisy which can wake a sleeping baby/toddler. The full recline was very flat though not flat enough to use with an newborn so a carrycot would be a definite purchase if I was to use the BabyStyle Oyster with a newborn baby.

The Oyster fold was very, very easy to use and I loved the fact the seat folded with the frame – you can see why BabyStyle called this pushchair the Oyster! – it also was free standing but you have to get the handle bar in the right position or it tips over (in my experience). The bumper bar also folds down to make the fold more compact and it is easy to remove if needed but I found it just as quick to post my daughter through the bar to sit her in than remove it each time.

The BabyStyle Oyster has an adjustable foot rest which is decently sized and again is quiet to use (useful when baby is sleeping). The hood has a zip open section to extend the hood further forward which makes being caught out in rain with out a raincover that bit less traumatic. The only problem I had with the BabyStyle Oyster in the rain was the frame then leaked water when folded later (it got rained on, was left up to dry off the fabrics and folded a few days later, lots of water poured out of the lower frame by the front wheels as it was folded) so care should be taken if you get caught in a down pour when folding afterwards. I wondered if I should have wiped down the chassis but I suspect water collected in the frame while it was being rained on.

The ride on the BabyStyle Oyster is smooth for baby and the turning circle is neat, I particularly appreciated the extendible handle bar as when on buses the handle bar could be put to the lowest setting which made the Oyster that much more compact and reduced the footprint of it.

I found the basket an adequate size as it could take a large resuable supermarket bag easily so lots of room for shopping. It was also not a ‘tippy’ pushchair so, whilst not recommended of course, it easily held my change bag and some light shopping from the handle bar without destabilising the BabyStyle Oyster or causing it to do wheelies!

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