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Phil and Teds Smart Buggy

The Phil and Teds Smart Buggy is so stylish and light, I have very bad backache, so it being 5.4kg I think, I just had to have it. 6 weeks on I’d like to sell on and get a used older Bugaboo Bee with the large hood (hood means a lot, my baba is just like me, cant bear bright sunshine). There are good points about the P&T Smart, the weight, look and ‘follow the sun’ hood. Yes but what do I do in winter? Sunhood doesn’t give any shelter from wind. Will I have to use raincover all winter just to block cold wind? If there was a compatible winter hood…whoever said it’s so easy to steer one handed would be amazed if tried a Micralite. Steering isn’t that great, simply because the handle isn’t one bar -joined, so can’t hold on the middle.

I thought the Smart would be a lovely ride with the bigger wheels but it’s not that great, a lot rattlier than my family passed down (used) Maclaren xt with smaller wheels. Maclaren has better suspension for sure, it can jump up slight curbs where the Smart comes to a halt. And one more thing ive not heard anyone else mention: in parent facing mode where you get more recline for a nap I realised that I slightly push the handles down as i am to push my baba back and forth to get to sleep and the whole buggy is ready to tip over toward me. I have a big 11 month old, she might be 10 kg but the limit parent facing supposed to be 15kg. I was doing this on grass. In friend’s garden I had my baby sleeping outside in a maclaren before but after the above incident I didn’t dare leaving her in a corner of the garden as feared that if one of the older kids just pulled the handle down a bit trying to look at baby, the Smart buggy would certainly tip over onto them with baby in it? Has anyone else noticed this before? It was the only and last time I used it parent facing. Would not buy a Phil&Teds Smart Buggy again.

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