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Baby Jogger City Select – A Parent Facing Carrycot?

This experimental set of photos was very kindly shared with me to see if the Baby Jogger City Select carrycot can be put parent facing in the top position on the chassis with a seat for a toddler forward facing at the front.

The carrycot and seat unit do fit on, but it is a very tight squeeze and the carrycot is being pulled down slightly in these photos. It would not fit with the carrycot hood on, but as the photos show, the hoods can be made to sort of sit one on top of another. The carrycot hood can come a little further down than these photos show. The hoods do swivel so that they can be tweaked, but the person who took the photos didn’t think any hood position was ideal.

I do know other people have tried and failed to do this arrangement. It is a very tight fit, and the photographer had to take great care to make sure all the fixings were clicked into place.

Many thanks to Angelcakes for taking these photos for us.

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