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Baby Jogger City Versa v’s Baby Jogger City Select by Carolyn


This photoset was kindly taken for us by Carolyn. Carolyn lives in Australia, and she has put her new Baby Jogger City Versa side by side with her Baby Jogger City Select. In these photos, the City Versa has the black chassis, the City Select has the silver chassis.

The Baby Jogger City Versa has elements of both the Baby Jogger City Select and the Baby Jogger City Mini although it is most similar to the City Select. It is really interesting to see the size differences between these two pushchairs, the different folds, and also the difference in the seat unit sizes.

The Baby Jogger City Versa is a single pushchair. The Baby Jogger City Select can be used as a single pushchair, but also has an add on optional second seat. This fixes onto the front of the City Select. The City Select has a choice of seating positions. The Versa has just the one seat position. However the seat units on both pushchairs will reverse, so that a child can either parent or forward face.

The City Versa folds easily using just one hand. It is a 2 step process – squeeze together two buttons at the rear of the seat to fold the seat in half. Then reach underneath the seat and pull a handle to finish off the fold. The City Select is a quicker fold but it requires two hands to pull on two handles on either side of the pushchair. The City Versa folds flat with the seat on in either direction. The City Select will only fold with the seat forward facing.

The baskets are both very similar and are HUGE! Both pushchairs have a handbrake.

The City Select handle extends outwards. The City Versa handle rotates on a pivot.

The Baby Jogger City Versa has a choice of EVA and GT wheels. The City Select has two small wheels at the fromt and foam filled chunky wheels at the rear.

Thank you very much for sharing your photos with us, Carolyn. Much appreciated :)

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