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Chicco Nunù with Children

This photoset of the Chicco Nunù shows a small 24 month old boy (83.5cms, 9th centile), and a 3 year 10 month old tall girl (103cms, 91st centile) in the pushchair.

The 24 month old fitted well into the Chicco Nunù seat. The harness has bags of room to extend – and as the photos show, the extension piece kept our little one amused for ages!!! We had a job to persuade him that the bumper bar was not a good resting place for his feet though!

The Nunù seat is one of the tallest we have measured, and the boy plenty of room to sit up and to also lie flat. The lift up calf support was useful when laid down. Our only comment is that we did find that the boy did slide down in the seat. If you look at the photos at the start of the outing – and the photos after our shopping trip – he has slipped down in the seat. The harness is properly adjusted to fit him. However there are just two harness height settings on the seat – one for a young baby, and one for an older child; plus the crotch strap is neither adjustable, nor has a choice of settings. We believe that a combination of these meant that he was not supported sufficiently, even though the harness was tight.

Although the girl these days does mainly walk, she does on occasions go in a pushchair. She fitted easily into the Chicco Nunù seat unit, the harness did up with room to spare, and she could put her feet very comfortably onto the footrest. We could easily recline her and lift her back up to the upright position. The seat back is huge, but there is not really enough support in the upper part of the seat for an older child (see the photos of the pushchair being built). She found it too reclined, and as the photos show, she preferred to pull herself upright using the bumper bar to hold onto. She was happy to sit like this though. We loved the swing away bumper bar which meant that she could easily climb in and out on her own. These photos have value, if nothing else, to reassure any prospective purchaser that the Chicco Nunù will easily last a child from birth to four.

The photos also show our 24 month old in the gorgeous matching Chicco Autofix car seat. Whilst he is aged 2, he is only 11kgs, so is well under the 13kgs limit for the car seat. Plus his head is under the top rim of the car seat. We had a discussion about whether it was appropriate for him to be in the car seat and it was felt that yes, he met the criteria for use, so we took these photos. These photos have value to at least show that if a 2 year old can fit in the Chicco Autofix seat, then a baby is unlikely to grow out of it fast! We also found the car seat fairly reasonable to carry with him in. Some car seats are heavy and cumbersome even with no child in. So this is positive feedback from us. Car seats can get very heavy with an older baby in!!

The Chicco Nunù was easy to push with both children in the seat unit, even across the thick gravel on our drive. Not all pushchairs are this easy to push!

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