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Quinny Buzz 3 Review

Quinny Buzz: I’ve had the Quinny Buzz 3 + 4 wheel for 4 years now.  In principal the travel system is well put together, and thought through with ‘click’ on carry cot, car seat or pram seat. It’s easy to use and feels good. The prices has gone down in recent years too. The seat is changeable rear to front but I felt they could easily take on the Bugaboo shift handle system instead. Which I believe the Moodd now has.

What I don’t like about the Quinny is the rear tyres. They are too broad, and when the tyres begin to get worn the hassel is endless. It became so irritating that I changed out the entire buggy for another. It’s a heavy system also.

The Buzz 3 is a little unstable and neither the 3 or 4 were any good on the city streets during winter months with snow.

The handle broke after 4 years – and I was unfortunate enough not to be able to get it fixed but instead I had to buy another frame.

The foam handle grip and safety bar are easily torn.

A good first buggy.

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