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Babyzen YoYo Out and About

These are some photos of the Babyzen YoYo out and about. The little boy is 25 months old and is 83.5cms tall (short for his age).

There are comments about these photos under the main YoYo review here on Best Buggy.

The basket may look small but we managed to get my good sized handbag plus swimming bag underneath. The basket is more than adequate for the items that we would take on an every day outing to playgroup, swimming, or for light shopping. The YoYo is a sturdy pushchair. We hung our J.L.Childress Maxi-Cool bag fullĀ of drinksĀ happily from the handlebar with no fear of it tipping.

Apologies for our messy car boot – we are real life reviewers!!!!!! Note there is a YoYo lurking behind the Micralite in the car boot!

The final photo shows the absolutely USELESS raincover. Not only is this the smallest it folds, but it doesn’t even attach and stay on in a way that keeps a child dry!!

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