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Baby Jogger City Mini – Travelling Abroad

I’ve just returned from holiday to Gran Canaria with my Baby Jogger City Mini. I had worried about taking my beloved BJCM having heard how buggies are treated at airports but I was given a JL Childress Standard & Dual Stroller Travel Bag to use and this appeased all my worries. I spent the entire holiday extremely grateful that I’d taken the city mini, and not a cheap umbrella fold.
My first thought when I unpacked the JL Childress travel bag was “my god, its enormous”. I feared it would be unwieldy but actually, having lots of space around the buggy and a large opening, made it so much easier to just sling the City Mini into the bag during that final few minutes before boarding. A snugger fitting bag would have taken much more faffing. The bag kept the buggy safe on both flights with no problems at all.
The Baby Jogger City Mini was amazing when we were away. The decent quality wheels coped well with the lumps and bumps in the pavements, and it felt very sturdy, even when being dropped down the enormous kerbs they have over there. It handled packed sand well and I only had a few wibbles when it was carried, together with its sleeping occupant, at head height up a gantry and on to a boat (gulp). I could also sling my enormous Mia Tui bag over the back and carry everything for the beach. The basket access is slightly small, but all we stuffed in there were water bottles and the sun shade so that was fine.
But the main reason for taking the Baby Jogger City Mini, and this proved correct, was the hood. We had temperatures in the mid 30s plus beating sunshine all week and so it was brilliant to be able to pull over the huge hood and know that the occupant wouldn’t get burnt. The City Mini seats are so generous that she quickly started sitting crossed legged to pull her legs up out of the sun as well. We did buy a Snooze shade which was also worth its weight in gold when hooked over the hood. We didn’t use the Snooze shade generally when out and about, as the hood was so good, but it was invaluable for persuading her to nap, which she would do quite contentedly in the City Mini for a couple of hours at a time. The Snooze Shade also made a brilliant ‘safe’ when at the beach – bag and valuables into the City Mini: hood over and then snooze shade attached. Looked for all the world like a sleeping baby and so no one was going to poke underneath to see if there were any wallets etc lurking.
The Baby Jogger City Mini fold also amazed the seasoned taxi drivers we met!
All in all, the City Mini was the best buggy for a hot holiday.

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