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BOB Revolution SE Review by Aimi

I have now been using my BOB Revolution pushchair for over a month now, and just thought I would share how fantastic it is. The BOB Revolution has some really neat touches: like the net pocket at the back of the seat and smaller net pockets on the inside of the seat for drinks cup and toys. There are little touches like the straps on the hood that when pulled, draws the hood back, making it smaller and neater looking than just pushing the hood back half way.

The BOB’s large air filled back wheels are great. They enable the pushchair to go over almost any terrain. The suspension is truly amazing and is so easy to adjust by a lever at the side of the seat back (Coil spring and elastomer core shock absorbers provide three inches of wheel travel. Adjustable shock release knobs allow for two shock positions to fine-tune suspension for varying occupants and cargo. Position 1: 0-40 lbs. Position 2: 41-70 lbs). It really is impressive. A front swivel wheel makes for easy turning and getting around, but when off road or jogging, it can be fixed and tracked to keep you going straight.

The seat is large and roomy, it takes my 6 year old son easily. The harness is great [although the harness is fixed and as such a liner will not fit, so you have to buy the BOB one] its easy to adjust, the shoulder straps just glide up a webbing strap on the back of the seat and the waist strap is just a case of pulling to get it tight or pressing a small clip to release it. The seat is padded and I have been assured is very comfy by my kids, although it doesnt sit bolt upright its not a bad angle. BOB say its suitable from 8 weeks old, (but this is USA guidelines and not UK).

The hood height is very good and my 6 year old has hood clearance. The hood is very large and covers the child very well, protecting from sun and short light showers to a degree [legs get wet] but great if you get caught out, without a raincover. The hood has a large plastic viewing window, which can be covered by a flap if wanted, there is also a long pocket above the window where you neatly roll up the flap into it, so the hood remains looking neat and no annoying flap flapping about. The BOB also, as mentioned above, has two small webbing straps, which when pulled, draws the back section of the hood together, making the hood smaller.
I have found the BOB Revolution pushchair very light and easy to use, making very light work of pushing my 20 kilo son around. It is very well made, sturdy and the fabrics are tough and water repellant, very easy to wipe clean.

The BOB Revolution fold is very easy and is a two step fold. There are two levers at the side of the handle, press these, push the handle forward and down, then grab the red handle and pull upwards. The front and back wheels meet and it lays on the floor, it has a manual locking strap. The wheels are very easy to remove for a smaller fold size, by just releasing the levers on each back wheel.

I really would recommend BOB Revolution if you are looking for an offroader/jogger, which would still be fine shopping with, due to the swivel front wheel. Its by no means a small compact pushchair, but it still does all three things very well.

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