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Out ‘n’ About Narrow Double Nipper 360 V2 Review

These photos show the Out ‘n’ About Nipper Double 360 V2 – but one of the first narrow 72cms V2′s which arrived in the UK in the summer of 2012. Be aware, not all V2′s are the narrow ones. The earlier V2′s are 77cms wide and will not fit through a standard doorway.

However, we really liked our Double Nipper V1 when we had it. The one huge flaw for us was the width. So we were absolutely delighted to see the new narrow version of the Nipper being produced.

These photos are purely to give an indicator of the seat size. Our eldest is 3 years 11 months old and very tall for her age (91st centile). Our youngest is 2 years old and he is small for his age (9th centile). I have included several photos which may look similar to show what our eldest did with her legs. Although she may look big in the seat, she made herself comfortable and even fell asleep in the seat on one outing which was very unlike her! She loved the Nipper seat.

Our one HUGE flaw with this V2 Double Nipper is that the harnesses are absolutely enormous! They were huge even on our eldest, but its clear to see the excess in the harness shoulder straps in these photos, and also that our youngest could easily slip his arms out. We ended up having to add on an additonal harness and we would be very wary of putting a small baby into these harnesses. Since then we have had a single Nipper which doesn’t seem to have the same issue.

The Nipper Double is SO easy to push. This is the biggest selling point of the Nipper, and is¬†the reason the Nippers are so often recommended. When pushing two children, weight is really important. The Nipper, Air Buggy Mimi and BOB Duallie’s are really the lightest side by side double pushchairs to push.

The adjustable handle on the Nipper V2 makes a HUGE difference to how good the Nipper feels to push for a taller parent. We love the new toggle recline on the seats – this is SO much better. We like the bumper bar. The new wheels are fab – our old V1 ones buckled. The mesh pockets on the rear of the seat are still there. However the basket has changed and its awful! Really really hard to access. I couldnt even push a carrier bag through into it without undoing one side. The V1 basket was much better, although sadly they dont fit the V2.

Overall we love the new narrow Nipper V2. Knowing it will fit through any standard doorway is a HUGE relief! No more holding your breath before approaching a door to see if the pushchair fits through!

Fab! One of our favourite double pushchairs ever!

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