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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Single Review

I will start off by telling you I have owned/tested out over 200 pushchairs since my son was born 6 years ago so I have a few to compare this too! My current pushchair needs to be suitable for my almost 3 year old in age 3-4 clothes, a 2 and a half year old I look after and a 18 mth old that I look after too. So I needed a pushchair that would work for all 3 of them at different times.
I had a Phil & Teds Explorer which I wasn’t keen on and wanted to buy something else so I started my research!
My current weekend buggy was a Maclaren Quest but my almost 3 year old dragged her feet on the floor or the wheels making it very hard to push! This meant my first requirement was a higher seat unit so my daughter couldn’t reach the floor. This the City Mini range has.
I went into the shop to buy the regular City Mini but having tried my daughter in that and the GT version I decided it was worth the extra £100 to me for the differences. The handle height is adjustable on the GT, this makes it much more comfortable to push & importantly for me to push one handed so I can hold onto my daughter on the school run.
The seat unit on the GT is deeper & wider than the regular City Mini and also has a higher seat back so again suited me with different age ranges using the buggy. The hood is lower at the front than I would have liked. This means that when I sit my 3 year old in the buggy her head almost reaches the rim of the hood. I have to have the hood open a little to overcome this, not a big issue as I can see her through one of the two peek a boo windows, but if baby jogger raised the hood a little It would look much neater. The hood height is not an issue for the 18 mth old.
The seat is also firmer on the GT compared to the standard City Mini underneath your child’s bottom which means they sit better in it.
The basket is fab and can be accessed when the seat is reclined fully too.
There is also a mesh pocket on the back of the seat for essentials.
The brake is now a handbrake. This takes some getting used too! I’ve always used foot brakes and keep forgetting where the brake is! Also family members have really struggled to work this one out!
The fold is fab and can be done with one hand. Mine is stiff though and hopefully will loosen up over time. The automatic lock with the fold currently isn’t locking automatically! Again maybe as it gets used more this will improve. It is heavy to lift but feels much easier than my single Phil & Teds to put in the car.
The little forever air tyres are great & make is so easy to push & steer I think they are a big improvement on the regular City Mini.
My major niggle at the moment (I’ve only had it a week) is the raincover. It’s obviously meant for the other City Mini as its a tight fit over the handle bar & doesn’t open where the brake on the pushchair is so its a real struggle to engage or release the brake when using the raincover. This is a pain!
Other than that is a fab pushchair which I really like (so far!) the regular City Mini is great but as I use the City Mini GT for walking to school rather than just shopping etc the extra features were worth the extra £s for me.

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