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Baby Jogger City Versa Update Review

This post is just an update to our previous posts about the Baby Jogger City Versa.

We have already written a lot about the Versa. The best post to read about all the functions and features of the Versa is under the Versa GT set of photos here: I see no real reason to repeat what is said here again. As these article outlines, the only differences between the Versa and the Versa GT are the wheels, the chassis colour, the embroidery / logos and the rear suspension has been removed on the Versa GT. The Versa GT is slightly heavier too.

We have had the Versa now for a couple of months and to be honest, its probably the best pushchair we have ever had here at Best Buggy for all round use. The Versa ticks just about every box that we look for in a pushchair. It has a large seat which can face in either direction; the seat “grows” with your child; the Versa folds with the seat on in either direction; its easy to fold; has a large hood; handbrake; huge shopping basket; feels great in your hand; has good suspension; has an easy adjust harness; doesn’t fill the car boot up; leans neatly up against a wall and much more!! Being very nit picky, the Versa is quite heavy but no more than most other pushchairs in this class, and it would be good if it would freestand. But to get so many features into one pushchair, at such a good price is brilliant!!

The more we use our Versa, the more we love it. We have a Versa in our boot most of the time especially as we move into winter, because combined with a snuggly 7AM Enfant Igloo Blanket, the Versa is perfect for our changeable autumn weather for the school run.

The Versa JUST WORKS!!!!!!!!

We love our Baby Jogger Versa and can’t sing the praises of this pushchair highly enough.

Best Buggy recommends the Baby Jogger City Versa!!!!

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