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Babyzen YoYo Review Update

This is a quick update review because we have now had our Babyzen YoYo now for a few months. We, at Best Buggy, can’t rave about how brilliant the YoYo is!!

Our Babyzen YoYo has been utterly invaluable to us – its small neat size means that no matter what we need to put in the car boot, the YoYo always fits in, and worst case can sit happily on the passengers knee! We often have two pushchairs in the car – the YoYo for nipping in and out of places and a large pushchair for walking with. However, that is not to say that the Babyzen YoYo could not do both jobs. We have often been out for several hours with the YoYo. However it is not an off road type pushchair and is best suited to paths, pavements and shopping malls. We use the YoYo a lot for the school run, or running quickly into a shop. We can flick the YoYo open in seconds with one movement, pop in our youngest, tighten up the harness (easily) and off we go. My medium sized handbag fits perfectly in the rear of the basket, leaving the front of the basket for other bits and pieces. However the basket is not really enough space for a full day trip or shopping outing, hence keeping a bigger pushchair in the car boot. We love how easy the harness is to adjust – especially in our autumnal weather where it can be cold (thick coats) one day and warmer (thin jackets) the next. The YoYo feels fab to push and manoeuvre and I have to say is absolutely great!

Over recent months we have visited several retailers, and had reps visit us here at BB HQ and all, without exception have been amazed by the YoYo! I have had the YoYo whipped out of my hands to show people, photos taken and people desperate to have a go!!! Its had photos taken next to laptop bags and handbags to show the small folded size. Believe me, every retailer so far has wanted to stock it!

Best of all was a recent supermarket trip. We have just moved house and needed to stock the cupboards and freezer back up. By the time we arrived at the till, we realised another trolley would be of benefit. As I was loading the trolley up, I was wondering how we could get two trolleys, two children and a pushchair back to the car. But then I realised I had the YoYo! So our son was put into the second trolley seat; the YoYo was folded up instantly to the jaw dropping stares of the check out staff; and the YoYo was slung onto my shoulder and out we walked. I think for us, that sums up how useful the YoYo is. Even with the boot full, the YoYo simply slide flat on top of the shopping.

Our son is now 2 years 4 months old and he does look super comfy in the YoYo. The seat does look fairly laid back, but if our son wants to sit more upright, then he can do so, and the seat simply comes forward with him (only a few cms but enough) and holds him firmly still in place.  Our son often falls asleep out and about, and the recline of the YoYo offers a deep recline. The hood to be honest, doesn’t offer much protection against the autumn winds, but this is not a pushchair that we would use outside for long in poor weather.

Having had a Recaro Babyzen, we never doubted the quality of the YoYo and so far, the YoYo is doing very well. We have a few minor niggles. The brake doesn’t seem quite as easy to flick on as it used to be. But it still works fine. The front of the footrest is becoming very scratched. I am not even sure why! The wheels sometimes stick when opening – no biggy but a little annoying. We have had instructions from the Babyzen team re using the raincover, but having just moved house, we only unpacked it again last night (after threatening to bin it for its poor design) – So Babyzen we promise to try it on soon!  I know the price puts a lot of people off, but the YoYo has been worth every single penny for us!!

We LOVE the Babyzen YoYo and its absolutely the best lightweight, small folding pushchair that we have had here at Best Buggy!!

Go and buy one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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