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Easywalker June Initial Review by ALK

I’ve been looking forward to the Easywalker June’s release since seeing photos of it at Cologne in September 2011 and at last I now get chance to try one out. My first impression as the box arrived was how small it was, more like the box a book fold stroller would come in. Opening up the box, I thought it was lovely, very good quality and seemed robust, yet dinky.

Putting the seat onto the chassis was quite confusing, I could see where the pieces needed to be, but struggled to get everything on in the right place. I love the decent sized, but not too bulky, air tyres on it; I imagine they’ll be good for going a bit offroad and in snow. I put my 2y2m, 83cm daughter into the Easywalker June seat and she seemed comfortable in it. In fact, she really didn’t want to get out! The recline is unusual and I’m finding it difficult to work out how to move the seat back and leg rest into the position I want. With the seat in the most upright position, the seat base tilts up so my daughter’s legs dangled a bit but she curled her legs up instead. The Easywalker June hood seems better in real life than I’d expected but I personally feel it would have looked more attractive if it had been a bit wider. I do like a hood that comes down further over a sleeping child, but that is something I find lacking in the vast majority of pushchairs.
I love that the handlebar can go extremely low, very tall and everything in between. That will be useful for using on public transport in order to keep it tucked out of the way. I needed to adjust the harness which was quite simple to do but the fixed shoulder pads meant that it was difficult to thread the harness through the holes in the footmuff. I could see that the hip part of the harness should be able to come out but couldn’t get them through the seat fabric. The footmuff is absolutely gorgeous, super soft inside and lovely on the outside too. I am yet to try my daughter in it, but I think she will just about fit with no spare room. It’s unfortunate that the footmuff isn’t as long as other Easywalker footmuffs which could be used for a 4 year old.
I have tried folding the Easywalker June parent facing but am finding that the recline needs to be adjusted to get the chassis to close. I think the fold lock accessory is an essential to hold the chassis together.
So far, I do love a lot about the Easywalker June but there are lots of fiddly and confusing aspects to it which I’m sure will become easier to work out with a bit of use. The compactness, quality, narrowness, lovely wheels and comfy seat are all winning me over at the moment though and I really hope it pushes well so I can start to forget about the niggly bits.

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