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Easywalker June with Children

These photos show a 2 year 4 month old boy (85.5cms tall) and a 4year 1 month old girl in the Easywalker June.

Both seem comfortable in the seat. However the June does not come with a leg support as standard (it is an optional extra) and thus our youngest seems to prefer to cross his legs on the front of the seat. Please note that the seat is slightly reclined even when on the most upright setting.

Whilst we acknowledge the eldest rarely rides in a pushchair these days (she does on occasions though), the fact she fits so well into the June seat is a real positive. She said she was comfortable and liked the June. However the photos show that her feet really struggle to reach the footrest – it is set too far back to be useful. But the height of the seat means she wouldn’t be able to “paddle” the pushchair along the floor with her feet. Please note that the hood slides up and down the frame (and ingeniously tucks away behind the seat). The hood also has a ‘visor’ section at the front which is kept inside the middle panel of the hood. As the photos show, the youngest took great delight in pulling this part up and down!! Grr!

The best thing about the June for us, is the easy, clear access to the seat unit. It is beautifully unfussy and for me personally I love the simplistic styling with the genius of the slide away hood.

With many thanks to Easywalker for their help.

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