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Kiddicare Imax Adapt

I bought the IMAX after MONTHS of researching, mind changing and trailing my husband around pram shops but eventually 3 days before going into labour I ordered the IMAX from Kiddicare.

It came in a package deal (on offer at the time) with a Maxi Cosi car seat, adapters, footmuff and raincover.

I wanted a travel system that was parent and forward facing, and that’s what I got.


The pushchair completly lies flat so is suitable for newborn and the foomuff is thick and comfortable. The design is VERY like an iCandy, and I have often been asked if it is.

The hood is large with a peep hole in the back which is great. And it has a very large basket.

The handle has 3 heights - great for my 5’5 self, and my 6’2 husband.

Non pucture wheels pop on and off VERY easily with a great little flick swich great for small boots.

The raincover fits great and does not even need to be velcoed down if you’re in a hurry.


Its quite heavy at 15kg and doesnt fold if the seat is parent facing.

The fold is easy but scraps the front of the pushchair, I hate scuff marks.


So apart from 2 niggles I loved it! Thought I had found the one… UNTIL…

My son turned 7 months, hes long but skinny.

So it came time to adjust the straps again, I tried to loosen them but I couldnt get it done with the shoulder straps being on -  he had had quite a growth spurt.

So I took of the shoulder pads, BUT this is when I hit a snag, every time I loosened the straps I didnt pay much attention. I just did it. However when I removed the straps I was already on the loosest setting. Then found a label saying they were only suitable for babies up to 6 months. WHAT!?

Long story short these are the ‘correct’ straps (says the manufactuer) so I now have to used a harness that straps onto the pushchair!


Thank goodness I’m pregnant again and need to purchase a double.


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