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Quinny Buzz 3 Review by Sarah

First impressions:

My first impressions of the Quinny Buzz were great. There is a lovely look to the Buzz and it is nice and easy to steer. The Buzz has the added bonus of self opening up, which was ace -  pop the button and up it went!


As my little boy got more chunky the Quinny Buzz straps rubbed the underneath his neck, as the straps are poorly positioned. There is no proper recline to the seat. The Buzz has two positions on the parent facing position and 3 on the forward position. When the seat was positioned in the forward position it was great he could see everything till he fell asleep. When I dropped him back so he was lying flat, I kept banging my knees on the back of the seat and waking him up; never mind the constant bruised knees.

The Buzz seat covers were great – nice comfy foam for birth to 12months but as my son started to reach 6months the seat wasn’t deep enough for him so had to change to the second stage seat really early on, which was hard and very uncomfortable for him. The changing of the covers was very hard and fiddly and I caught my fingers too many times in the piping try to put them back on.


The Buzz frame is very light weight, but it is also very flimsy. It has a full handle which is brilliant. It makes steering easier by having full control. The big problem was finding a buggy board to fit it. I gave in on finding one in the end.

Wheels and Brakes:

The back wheels of the Quinny Buzz are massive, which is good to be able to bounce it up the curb. However the front wheel is very small and buckles a lot, and tends to want to go where it feels, which makes pushing very hard.

The brakes!! Shocking isn’t the word for the poor excuse that they are!! They rarely work, and when they do they pop off when they feel like it, thus sending the Buzz moving off, which is not good when you’re on a moving bus .

Overall conclusion:

The Quinny Buzz might look good but it isn’t! It’s shocking! It is not worth the 800 pounds I paid to get the entire package. I would not recommend the Quinny Buzz to anyone.


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