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Baby Jogger City Mini and City Elite

I have Baby Jogger City Mini and Elite.

I bought the Elite as I lived in the middle of a rural village and the round the block walk was up and down dale for 5 miles. I love it and it is great from birth up and it is so easy to push, manoeuvere, fold, clean, adjust the straps, a sun shade so big it covers the whole child: I just love it.

The down side is that it IS heavy, so although I love the one hand close it is a big pushchair. I am luck to have an Audi A6 with a large boot but trying to get it in to my husband’s Volvo was a two handed tricky job.

I then moved to a town, I then discovered that the Elite is a little wide. I would say 1 inch (if only the wheels did not have large hubs)!

I brought the Quinny Zapp………..I hated it, I sold it after taking it on holiday, two hands and foot to fold it, does not go flat for sleeping, does not have a sun shade to talk of.

The Baby Jogger City Mini was bought next and it is great! It does everything the Elite can do for you but it is great for the town and bus and train. If your looking for an off road, this is not for you, but if you are in town I can not speak highly enough about the City Mini.

I love Baby Jogger so much I could sell them to anyone.

I have in the last few weeks found a problem!! I am going to have a second child. My first will be three so I am only looking for a buggy board and not a double. Baby Jogger sell a Glider Board but when you have the seat in the baby flat sleep position there is little room for the child on the board. The second issue is that because the handle does not have an adjustment to make it longer (not just swivel up and down) she already hits her head on the handle bar!!!

I have never used the safety poppers ever, so the one hand fold is just that: one handed with no faff.

Buy one you will love it!


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