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Baby Jogger City Versa v’s Baby Jogger City Versa GT

This photo set shows the Baby Jogger City Versa (on the left) side by side with the Baby Jogger City Versa GT (on the right with the optional extra bumper bar). You would be forgiven for thinking that these two pushchairs were identical. They are extremely similar but there are a few subtle differences:

First of all, and most importantly, the features that make the Versa into a Versa GT, are the small 8 and a half inch ‘forever air’ GT wheels. These ‘forever air’ tyres will not get punctures and give “off road” capabilities to the Versa. These small chunky wheels showed their worth last week in the extremely icy conditions that we experienced. The pushchair (another brand) that I had used the previous day, simply slid off the pavement on the ice, even with the brake applied. The following (more icy) day, the Versa GT in the same place on the pavement, stuck firm and did not slide. I was grateful of the GT tyre tread!

Secondly, the chassis of the Versa GT is matt black whereas the Versa is gun metal grey but with a shine to it. The Versa GT’s rivets are black, the Versa’s rivets are silver.

Thirdly, the logos on the foot area, shoulder pads and side of the Versa are slightly different. The Versa shoulder pads say “Versa”, the Versa GT ones say “GT”. The other logos have a “GT” added to them.

Fourthly, the Versa GT weighs 1.1kgs more than the Versa. This is due to the additional weight of the wheels. I have held one in each hand at the same time and I honestly could not tell the difference.

Finally, both Versa’s have front suspension. However the Versa GT has no rear suspension. Baby Jogger have suggested that adding rear suspension would add more weight to the Versa GT, plus the ‘forever air’ tyres should give additional ‘bounce’. The suspension on the Versa GT is adequate – its enough to not give a hard ride, but the suspension on the Versa is bouncy. The Versa flies up kerbs because the rear suspension helps to tip the front end up. The Versa feels lighter to push with a heavy child on board. But I must stress there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the Versa GT, I am just highlighting a slight difference!!

Having used both Versa pushchairs in real life, as well as having had both side by side at the same time, its difficult to choose between the two. In real life I can’t say I noticed any real difference when I had each separately (Versa first followed by the GT and then finally both side by side), which can only be a positive, because the Versa GT should give you the experience of the Versa, but with the addition of the chunky wheels. The Versa GT felt very similar to handle around shops eg weaving in and out of tight spaces. There was no need to wiggle the wheels straight before starting off as often is needed with pushchairs with off road type wheels. There is a difference in rear suspension, but the Versa GT suspension was fine – just not quite as bouncy. Just to add that there is a difference to the tooling inside the wheel sockets to accommodate the GT wheels, thus the wheels are not interchangeable, and GT wheels on a regular Versa would not pass British safety testing.

For us personally we have debated long and hard over which Versa to keep. The lighter to push Versa with better suspension was very attractive – and for a while we had decided this was better for us to keep. But it was a very personal choice and I actually prefer the GT wheels above suspension. Plus I like a pushchair with a slightly harder (not too hard though) feel to it. I find I use the Versa with a higher handle height to the Versa GT, and I prefer the lower setting (horizontal). The GT wheels also proved their worth to us during the recent icy weather. We can choose any number of fabulous pushchairs with small, neat folds – and which fold parent and forward facing, but not many have good off road capable tyres. However, the normal Versa is perfectly fabulous for every day use – for shopping, going to the park etc. I must stress the decision swung both ways several times…and whilst both pushchairs are still here, we can still change our minds!!! It’s a very close call….and which Versa any individual chooses will be personal. There’s really so little difference that I didn’t notice until I got the two side by side, one in each hand. At one point I was actually wishing I didn’t have both to choose between because I would have been perfectly happy with either, and at another point I almost decided to keep both! Honestly anyone should be happy with either version!

All round the Baby Jogger City Versa is a pushchair at the very top for specification, handling, seat size, fold size and all at an affordable price. If we could give five stars to any pushchair this year, it would go to the Baby Jogger City Versa & Versa GT. It ticks every box that we personally look for in a pushchair. I know the four of us in the Best Buggy Focus Group who have experienced the Versa, have all said its probably the best pushchair there is. Thats high praise indeed!!

The GT wheels of the Versa GT are really just the icing on top of a very special cake! The Baby Jogger City Versa GT is one absolutely fabulous, all round, top spec pushchair. BUT, if we could be extra fussy, by adding just a little (not too much!) rear suspension to the Versa GT, it would add the cherry on the top.

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