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Joovy Caboose Ultralight

I’ve had my Ultralight now for 9 months and I love it more every day.  I got it when my girls were 8 months and 2.5 years and I couldn’t face any more lugging around of my Phil & Teds (really heavy & really awkward to fold).  The Ultralight is brilliant for my needs: the now 17 month old can still nap in the front reclining seat and my 3 year old can hop on and hop off (or be strapped in if needed!).  The eldest has been known to fall asleep on the back bench seat, it doesn’t look very comfortable but she can rest her head on the inside of the hood and is strapped in so it is secure.

This buggy is about the same width and length as a standard single buggy (I use it alot of the time even if I’m only taking one out, though I have a Baby Jogger City Sidewalk), it has a really simple and compact fold (once you take the hood off which is really easy to do).  It is so light to lift I can’t quite believe it!  The shopping basket it big and easy to access from the sliding rear bench and it has handy side pockets for all your toddler related gear that needs easy access.  Most other buggies I have had I find the niggles increase over time but not this one, obviously there are things I would love in a perfect world like pneumatic tyres and less of a trolley look, but I think it is so well designed, these remain minor issues.

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